Powerbuilder ?!

How often is it heard, Powerbuilder?! People are still using that
Take a look and find your favorite tool and Release 1 date

Language Release Date Note Credit
C++ 7/1985 http://www.computerhistory.org/timeline2014/software-languages/
C 0/1989 http://ice.as.arizona.edu/~dpsaltis/Phys305/chapter1.pdf
Photoshop 2/1990
Powerbuilder 8/1991 lannigan.org
Python 1/1994
PHP 0/1995
Javascript 1.1 Beta 0/1995
JAVA 1/1996
Ruby 0/1996
Drupal Open Source 0/2001
Visual Studio .NET 2/2002
SCRATCH 1/2007 Have preteens in your life Take a Look! http://wiki.scratch.mit.edu/wiki/Scratch_1.0

Database Release Date Note
Sybase 0/1987
MS SQL Server 0/1989 Prior to version 7.0 the code base for MS SQL Server was sold by Sybase SQL
MS Access 11/1992
Oracle 3/2006

Where Credit is not explicitly defined information was gathered from https://en.wikipedia.org

Months defined as 0 (zero) no month was available